Data as Engaging as the Race Itself

A day at the races is as much about the numbers as it is about the spectacle of the race. Why not make them part of the same thrilling experience? Pegasus DataLinks©’ simple interface turns racing’s huge volume of raw data into captivating graphics.

Pegasus DataLinks© [PDL] is as accurate, easy, and powerful as it gets. Fully customizable and compatible with a range of current graphics systems, PDL can seamlessly replace outdated software or hardware. PDL’s intuitive interface means anyone with some computer experience can operate all broadcast and simulcast graphics. The first system designed to push data to graphics systems, it’s still the best in the business. And here’s why:


For complex, real time, heat-of-the-moment video graphics, Pegasus DataLinks© is the simplest solution. Using data from any source, the software allows your video team to display a range of information, including tote and program data, jockey photos, saddle colors, timer systems, and more. And it can all be customized to fit the course’s visual identity, with unique backgrounds and logos.


Pegasus DataLinks© can process tote data to output a selection of visually engaging graphic displays of simulcast wagering information, to keep patrons up to date and fully informed.


Compatible with all electric eye sensors, Tracks race timing software gives accurate fractions in every condition. Built-in fail safes such as bird detection and misaligned sensor detection are industry leading features.

Race Network Router

A simple interface for controlling multiple graphics generators, this screen provides all the capabilities of Pegasus DataLinks© Broadcast for all your signals – including graphics from multiple race tracks – in one easy to use control panel.

Sports Ticker

Display current national sports scores along with wagering data. So when a race coincides with an NBA, NFL, MLB, or other popular sporting events, fans can stay up to date without losing track of what’s happening on the track.

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